Mario Rumrich

Master of Media Computer Science

I am a Unreal Engine Expert with a Masters Degree in Media Computer Science on VR Hand Gestures. I can do almost all Unreal Engine development tasks. Network Ready Gameplay code, Data Structures to map complex game mechanics to code, 3D Math problems and project management are my main expertises. I can work with C++ or Blueprints, build plugins and had a few insights into UE4 Source Code as well.
As Master of Media Computer Science I know a few things about User Experience, User Centered Design, Software Management, Version Control and Design Patterns. I would like to test if I can solve whatever problem you have. I am eager to learn if my skillset is not up to your task and to learn where to invest more hours of mastering new and exciting technologies.
In case you have other User Experience related tasks with Android Java or C++ Qt , I have had a little insight in that as well and would love to get into that more.
If you are more interested in my projects, here is a portfolio of the awesome things that I did: Projects


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