• Network ready gameplay implementations in Blueprints AND C++
  • HUD implementation
  • using worker Threads
  • using Sizemap and Profiler for game optimizations
  • first insights to Animation Blueprints, Behavior Tree and AI
  • Using Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes for Foliage and Actors in a networked environment
  • first steps towards mobile implementations
  • creating and using Plugins for UE4 Games, not yet build a Plugin for the Editor
  • optimizations and controls for Mobile and VR


  • Qt with C++
  • setup Qt to work with Visual Studio and use third party libs and dlls in the project
  • Qt12 Widgets and Data Visualization, would recommend Qt Quick next time


  • PHP basic skills, enough for this website
  • basic skills in CI, Hooks, MVC, Data bases

Android Java

  • Java, like just another OOP language
  • first steps at Android, modular APP development
  • using interfaces between app modules
  • multi language support and image swaps
  • QR-Reader and phone features (Camera, GPS, ...)


  • Web Dev basics: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • Responsive Websites for differens screen resolutions
  • using Bootstap features like carousels, cards, grids and styling them a bit differently to make them my own


  • using C++ Standard Libraries
  • fix Linking Errors and Project Setups
  • using Inheritance and OOP correctly
  • attended OpenGL2 course at University
  • cross-plattform development for Windows and Linux


  • using libavg for some visualizations
  • wrote small scripts for simple problems


  • Object Oriented Programming
  • reading and with some time to used to it again writing UML Class and Sequence Diagrams
  • modeling classes with different approaches, including chicken fattening
  • Design Patterns of the 'gang of four' to solve common tasks efficiently


  • Version control basics
  • usage with UE4


  • basic usage of branches and merges
  • fixing simple issues with it
  • fixing simple issues with it


  • basics
  • usage with UE4


  • worked with team of 6 developers an a big project
  • enforcing of a scrum like process for a few month to make the project managable


  • software management
  • best for Waterfall and V-Modell
  • planning work packages for some developers